Profitability Management - Strategies for Reducing Costs

With banks experiencing slow revenue growth, and customer preferences and technology changing rapidly, effective cost management is crucial and can have a major impact on your bottom line. This session covers actions you can take to analyze your costs, as well as improve efficiency and save money.

Covered Topics

  • Optimizing channels
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Enhancing staff productivity
  • Utilizing technology
  • Managing vendor relationships
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The cost of subscription is determined by the asset size of your institution. In the case of holding companies or banks under common ownership, the aggregate asset size of participating banks determine the subscription tier.
   Non-bank or < 499M - $125 per month   
   $500M - 999M - $250 per month   
   $1 - 5B - $425 per month   
   $5 - 10B - $600 per month   
   > 10B - $850 per month