Raising Capital By Selling Securities

Bank holding companies and their banks are often looking to increase capital. One common method to bring in new capital is by selling securities. Conducting a securities offering, whether stock or debt, is a big decision. It involves a major commitment of time and money, and involves significant risk for the company, its board and its management. No board of directors should decide to undertake a securities offering without a thorough understanding of the legal and practical issues, and the various options available to them. The securities laws are very complex. This presentation is intended to give directors an overview of how the law governs, and limits, the securities offering process, and practical considerations a board should be thinking about when considering selling securities to raise capital.

Covered Topics

  • Raising Capital
  • Securities
  • Legal Requirements
  • Registration & Exemption
  • Exempt Offering
  • Disclosures
  • Integration
  • Role of Board & Management