Credit Risk Management - Understanding the Risk in Loan Portfolios

Credit risk management, continues to be the largest risk a lending institution faces. For most lending institutions, loans are the largest and most obvious source of credit risk. It is important for lending institutions to continue to have credit risk management at the top of mind. Attention continues to be drawn away from credit risk management due to recent improvements observed in credit quality the last two years, as well as other risk factors continuing to monopolize management's time and resources, such as cyber risk and regulatory compliance.  Within this presentation we will discuss managing credit risk, discuss some of the constant risks present for a lending institutions portfolios, and finally discuss the current environment and what some of the risks in the market are today.

Covered Topics

  • Managing Credit Risk
  • Credit Portfolio Risks
  • Current Environment
    • Easing of Underwriting Standards
    • What the Regulators are Saying
    • Commodity Risks