Cybersecurity Impacts on Strategic Planning

In recent years, financial institutions have considered or implemented many new technology based products and services that can be leveraged for growing business and building efficiencies. These technologies have created tremendous opportunity for financial institutions, but also has created opportunities for criminals. We have observed many criminals shifting activities towards technology as it presents less risk with higher returns. Cybercrime is occurring more frequently and is causing significant losses for financial institutions. This session will review technology trends and emerging FinTech, the shift in cybercrime, and discuss the associated risks which must be considered to successfully extract strategic value for the institution.

Covered Topics:

  • Technology Trends
  • Emerging FinTech
  • Remote Consumer Capture
  • Channel Migration Trends
  • Importance of Online Banking
  • 6 Mobile Payment Models
  • Smartphone Security
  • Technology & Cybercrime
  • Risk Considerations