Community Reinvestment Act: Achieving a Solid Rating

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is an important statute and regulation, but it is also unusual in the fact that banks don't "violate" the CRA per se, but rather they are evaluated on their performance in lending to, investing in, and serving the communities in which they do business. This involves demonstrating, through required loan data and other, more subjective information, that your bank is meeting its obligations. This session provides a brief description of the CRA and those activities, and describes how different types of banks are examined under the CRA, and what types of information the regulators are looking for.

Covered Topics:

  • Purpose and Coverage
  • Tests
  • Assessment Area
  • CRA Loan Data Reported
  • Public Files
  • Performance Contexts
  • Strategic Plan
  • Ratings
  • Community Development