Fair Lending: Priorities and Enforcement Trends

Fair lending concepts have been around since the mid-1970s, but regulatory attention has seldom been higher. Expectations for institutions to understand, control, and mitigate their fair lending risks have increased, and examiners are looking to new topics when looking at discrimination. Issues such as redlining have taken on a particular significance in recent years, and we’re awaiting new rules on commercial data collection and submission from the CFPB. This session discusses these new expectations and what is happening in the regulatory and enforcement environment when it comes to fair lending.

Covered Topics:

  • CFPB's Fair Lending Priorities
  • CFPB Fair Lending Report
  • The (Re-) Return of Redlining
  • Redlining Analysis
  • Reasonably Expected Market Area
  • Proxy Analysis
  • Foreign Language Challenges
  • Dodd-Frank 1071: Commercial Data Collection Requirements
  • Emerging Issues