FinTech in 2018

There are a significant number of emerging trends and new innovations in the FinTech arena. Looking at nine focus areas that many research reports and analysts have cited as top of mind, this video provides a concise, high-level look at what’s on the horizon. The financial services market is in a state of change, and FinTech is a major driving force. What is your organization considering as potential FinTech investments or partnerships?

Covered Topics:

  • Change – A Continuance
  • Predictions and Emerging Trends
    • Digitalization movement
    • Chat bots and online advisor utilization
    • Implementation/expansion of APIs
    • Continued AI growth
    • Further cybersecurity enhancements 
    • Regulatory change and numerous RegTech initiatives 
    • P2P transactions rapid growth
    • Advancements in blockchain acceptance and utilization
    • Leveraging ‘big’ data and related data analytics
  • Other Considerations