Harassment Liability and Establishing a Respectful Workplace

There has been an explosion of sexual harassment allegations in both the press, and in complaints to employers. Famous media people, executives, and public and corporate managers have suddenly had careers damaged or ended due to their improper behaviors. Harassment is certainly not new. Yet now there is a new environment, new support and motivation to come forth. Organizations, Congress and Legislatures are paying attention to Enhanced policies, practices and new laws and liabilities are coming. Board members can be personally sued, and may be "undefendable," if not aware and prepared.

In many organizations harassment seems all too common. Yet in others it rarely arises and is quickly and effectively addressed. What is the difference?

If your organization is one of the former, how do you change, and create effective practices to be an Effective and Respectful Workplace? If your organization is a Respectful Workplace, learn how to continue and enhance that status in the light of current developments and upcoming laws and liabilities.

Covered Topics:

  • #METOO
  • Expanding Laws
  • Liability
  • Harassment and Harassment Laws
    • EEO Discrimination Laws
    • Safe Place and Abusive Workplace Acts
  • Types of Violence
  • Duty
  • Intent
  • Guidelines
  • Policies and Training